Yogi Throat Comfort Tea Review

IMG_20131122_160502_969[1]Could this be the best throat soothing herbal remedy for voiceover artists?

As a talk show host, audiobook narrator, and voiceover artist, I’m someone who spends a good deal of my day talking. Sometimes it’s hard on my voice. I want to share this in-depth review of Yogi Throat Comfort Tea with you. It solved a problem for me.

This tea might help you out…

  • If you do voiceover
  • If you are a talk radio  or podcast host
  • If you have a cold or a sore throat
  • If you are in a long distance relationship and you’re skyping your significant other for hours every night
  • If you have any job or hobby where you are speaking for prolonged periods of time.

I have tried throat sprays like Vocal-Eze and Singer’s Saving Grace. They are wonderful and work well, but they can’t be used for prolonged periods of time. Plus, the taste (especially of Singer’s Saving Grace) doesn’t exactly encourage you to use them often.

Most herbal throat soothing formulas contain licorice, which should not be taken in large doses lest you get apparent mineralocorticoid excess or some other side effect. Sprays are rather concentrated and before long, you’ve almost exceeded the recommended dose during a long audiobook recording session.

This is what it looks like, brewed.Tea, on the other hand, is rather dilute. Plus, it has the added benefit of being a warm liquid that washes over your throat. You can even gargle with it (I do, sometimes.)

The taste is pretty mild. It doesn’t taste like licorice. There’s a slight minty, and a slight lemony flavor (maybe lemongrass?) Contrast this to the throat sprays I’ve tried, which have strong tastes.  I drink this tea unsweetened, and it still tastes pretty good. I’ve tried putting stevia in it, which tastes better, but stevia makes my saliva foamy… yuck. And, not good for voiceover.


Here’s an audio sample of my voice before and after taking a sip:

If you want to get some, it’s available here (shopping through this affiliate link shows your thanks for this post – thank you!):


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