Video Narration

Video is a powerful medium by which to deliver ideas, but adding a human voice can give a video that special touch which makes it even more compelling!

I have provided narration for many excellent videos, including:

  • Explainer and Introductory Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Fundraising and Kickstarter Videos

How can I help you spread the message about your passion?

If you have’t finalized your script, don’t worry. I can provide readings of your draft script so that you can hear what changes you’d like to make. Revisions are included at no cost. In some cases, I can even write copy based on the main points that you’d like to convey.

Once we have a final script, I can typically turn a short (less than 3 min) video narration around within a few days or less.

Here are some videos I’ve narrated recently:

Copay (beta) Open Source Multisignature Bitcoin Wallet

I voiced this video for BitPay about their new software, Copay. Copay is an open source bitcoin wallet that allows multiple people to sign…

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Coronado Games – Starship Corporation Trailer

This is a game trailer for Starship Corporation from Coronado games - where players can build their own starship, train the crew for missions, and…

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Conversant Labs Saykit SDK Explainer Video

Conversant Labs is building software that gives your app a voice - helping the blind and making life easier for just about anyone. Here is their…

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Vaultoro Explainer Video

Vaultoro is a new exchange with innovative auditing mechanisms and "glass books," which provides a mechanism for trading bitcoin and gold instantly.…

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MDVIP Member Benefits Video

I recently voiced this video about MDVIP - focused on personalization, prevention, and wellness... where patients are not a number or a chart, but…

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Future Farm System Video

I recently voiced this video about the Future Farm System from Angel Energy! Imagine a future where food waste is converted to energy and…

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