The Ultimate Guide to Journaling by Hannah Braime – Audiobook (2015 Release)

I am pleased to announce the release of my newest audiobook: The Ultimate Guide to Journaling by Hannah Braime

The book is about “DIY self-discovery.” It provides an expansive set of resources and prompts to help the reader develop a journaling practice that they can use to deepen their self-awareness and act as their own best friend.

This is the 2015 release of an audiobook that I narrated back in 2013. It was originally distributed through Hannah’s website, and now is being posted on Audible and Amazon. Since I originally recorded it I’ve learned so much about audiobook narration and delivery, and the sound quality is not at my current standards. But, everybody’s their own worst critic – and one of the lessons I took from reading this book was not to get paralyzed by perfectionism. 😉 So, here it is!

More resources can be found on Hannah’s website, Becoming Who You Are.

Listen to the audiobook sample here:

The audiobook is now available on! To get a copy for free with a new Audible membership, click here. Or, you can read a Kindle or physical version. Just click the book cover to see them all.

If you’d like me to narrate your next audiobook, please contact me!

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