The Alpaca Breeding Book – Audiobook

I narrated the audiobook version of The Alpaca Breeding Book, by Dr. K. D. Galbraith of Walnut Creek Alpaca Farm.

This was a great book! Alpaca reproduction is really fascinating. Did you know that male alpacas sing to the females while they are breeding, and the females enter a trance-like state?

I imagine this book would be really useful to alpaca breeders, as Dr. Galbraith meticulously catalogs her experience with alpaca breeding gained over many years.

She also has some adorable photos of alpacas on her website, such as this one:

Image by K. D. Galbraith, Walnut Creek Alpacas

They are listening to the audiobook sample… which you can hear too, here:

The audiobook is now available on! Or, you can read a Kindle or physical version. Just follow this link to see them all.

If you’d like me to narrate your next audiobook, please contact me!

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