Single In America Audiobook

I narrated the audiobook version of Single In America, by Dr. J. L. Barkas (the maiden name of Jan Yager, PhD).

This was my second audiobook working with Jan (I also narrated her book, Productive Relationships: 57 Strategies to Build Stronger Business Connections).

Single In America is a classic book written in 1980, with a new introduction written for the audiobook version in 2015. Although the research and figures in the book are from decades ago, the ideas and observations about singleness remain the same.

Jan interviewed hundreds of people who were never married, divorced, separated, widowed, living together as an alternative to marriage, or married. Everyone’s situation was unique, but she drew on themes and threads that she saw running through each category of people and wrote the book based on her observations. There are lots of anecdotes and quotes from the interviews she conducted in the book, some of them quite funny. You can hear a few of them in the audio preview for the book, here:

The audiobook is now available on!

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