Radio Ads

Having been a radio professional, I understand the unique style and purpose of radio ads.

Many people listen to the radio in the background, or while doing something else – like driving – so from the start, you’re competing for the listener’s attention.

While advertising on radio, you have to do something that stands out.

An ad that’s funny, interesting, or relatable to the listener will do best at communicating your message and spreading the word that you have a solution to your potential customers’ problem.

Obviously, it can be a challenge to do something new and different that keeps the listener’s attention. On top of that, you only have limited time to get the key points across. 60 seconds… 30 seconds… or even less!

That’s where my voice may be able to help.

In radio ad voiceover, I strive to sound genuine, relatable, and interesting. I can connect with the listener in a variety of ways. My voice has been especially popular for the following types of radio ads:

  • “Mom” or “wife” roles.
  • Dialogue between friends or partners
  • Girl-next-door
  • Medical & health care
  • Financial



For those clients who want to advertise on radio, internet radio, or podcast, but are not working with a copy writer and audio producer. I have written, voiced, and produced dozens of audio advertisements for a wide variety of companies and organizations. I can help you deliver a persuasive, on-point message that captures the attention of the listener, in a succinct and entertaining format.

You provide the information you want to get across – I’ll turn it into a professionally produced commercial. It’s easy!


Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Provide voiceover only, working with your script and your producer/sound engineer.
  • Find sound effects and music to complement your script, voice and produce the ad myself.
  • Write, voice, and produce the ad based on key points that you want to communicate.


My typical turnaround time for voiceover only is same day, for voiceover with production 1 – 2 days, and for copy writing plus full production 3 – 5 days.


Here is some of my recent work on radio ads:

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Demo – Radio Ads

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