New Audiobook: Organize Your Home by Louise Harvey

I am pleased to announce the release of my newest audiobook: Organize Your Home: The Complete Guide to Organizing and Cleaning Your Home in 7 Days by Louise Harvey!

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I learned a lot about home organization reading this book. Louise is a master home executive. Even though this is a relatively short book, it is packed with information. I like how she starts out with getting past psychological barriers to decluttering and cleaning. We all get attached to our stuff, we feel too overwhelmed to even begin, or we fear that it’s pointless to even try to get organized because even if we manage to accomplish it our home will just get cluttered again! Louise addresses all of these objections and how to overcome them.

Then, she goes room-by-room in a typical home and gives a specific game plan to declutter and clean every space – even using humor you can relate to (have you really used that egg cooker you bought in the last 6 months?) I found the bathroom and garage sections particularly helpful.

FInally, she offers three different plans that you can implement to make sure your home stays organized. One for those who only want to clean once a week, one for those who want to clean a few times a week, and finally one for those who can take a little time out every day for home maintenance.

This is the kind of thing that, for the most part, we don’t get taught in school, nor by those we live with over the course of our lives. If you want to hear a succinct but useful guide to home organization that you can really follow and stick with if you want to live in a nice, organized home – this is a great place to start.

As with most of my audiobooks, I do have a limited number of review copies available, so if you would like one (in exchange for an honest review) please feel welcome to get in touch with me through one of the contact forms here on my website.


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