These days, eLearning (or e-Learning), online courses, and web based training modules are becoming more and more popular.

It’s no wonder – they are an effective and efficient way to educate employees, students, and all types of learners, right from their computer. And they can be not only educational, but fun!

One of the most important elements in a well-done eLearning course is the narration.

The voice communicating the concepts in the course should be natural, clear, and trustworthy. Who wants to listen to a robotic-sounding instructor for what may be hours at a sitting? A good eLearning course is engaging and keeps the interest of the listener. Words – even technical terms – and concepts, need to be easily understandable. And the narrator needs to communicate that they are someone the learner can believe and trust.

Clarity, a natural, conversational tone, and an engaging, trustworthy demeanor are what I strive for in eLearning narrations.

As an English-speaking, young adult to middle aged sounding female with a warm, lower register vocal quality and a neutral North American accent, my voice has been especially popular for eLearning narrations in the following genres:

  • Medical and scientific. My professional background before I became a voice actor means that I can easily pronounce technical terms in medicine and life sciences.
  • Health Insurance. Explanations of employee benefits, health savings accounts, etc.
  • Financial. Training for employees in the banking and financial sectors.
  • Home & Family. I have voiced courses about interior architecture, caring for children with special needs, as well as courses related to the hospitality industry.
  • Safety & Security. I have narrated courses about computer security and physical security in the workplace, employee safety trainings for manufacturing and healthcare enviroments, and new employee orientations.

My typical turnaround times for eLearning are 1 day for 20 minutes or less of finished audio, 3 days for 1 hour or less, 1 week for 2 hours or less. For longer projects and for rates, please inquire.

Interested in working with me on your eLearning course? Contace me today to request an audition sample and rate quote.

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