Becoming An Entrepreneur Audiobook

I’m very pleased to share this chapter from the audiobook version of Becoming An Entrepreneur by my good friend Jake Desyllas. Becoming An Entrepreneur is Jake’s first book, and also his first author-narrated audiobook! He did a phenomenal job of expressing his own unique voice in the audiobook… listening to it, it’s hard to believe it’s his first one. He’s way better than many experienced audiobook narrators I’ve heard!

The way I was involved in helping bring Becoming An Entrepreneur audiobook to life was as its producer and sound editor. Jake is an experienced podcaster, but I helped him adjust his recording setup for audiobook narration, to be more ergonomic, quiet (in terms of background noise), and consistent from session to session. He sent me raw recordings of his narration, and I edited them – removing the outtakes, processing the sound to make Jake’s already-very-pleasant baritone, British accented voice sound extra nice, and formatting it according to’s specifications.

He’s shared the Introduction chapter on his podcast, The Voluntary Life. Listen here!

You can purchase the full audiobook here. Review copies are also available – contact Jake at the voluntary life dot com for more information.

In rare cases, I accept audio editing & production projects. If you’re interested in hiring me as your audiobook editor, get in touch with me here!

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