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My Career Change

I have not been a voice actor for my entire working life. In fact, if you were to ask me 10 years ago if I ever though I’d become a voice actor (or even start my own business), it probably would have struck me funny. It would have never crossed my mind at that time in my life.

I hear that this is really common. Many voice actors have had “other lives” before they started working in their current field. This makes them, as a whole, a really interesting group – because they have very different backgrounds and skills in addition to great pipes, and can bring their prior experience to their current work in voiceover.

Personally, my background is in science and medicine. I have a Biochemistry PhD (my thesis research was on Alzheimer’s Disease) and I also went to medical school for 2 years. I speak “medicalese,” and now medical and scientific audio projects are a favorite of mine to work on.

However, I went through a lot of changes during the time that I was in graduate school. As I gradually started learning about entrepreneurship and working on personal development, and I realized that I could do much, much better in the personal freedom department than where I was at.

So, I left.

I started my own business as a voice actor. And I’m so glad I did! It was scary to make such a bold move and completely switch careers. There’s a lot of external pressure to fit conventional definitions of “successful.” But to me, success means being as happy as I possibly can. It’s been a blast to become a full time voice actor, and I feel a lot happier now.

I explain it all here, in this interview I recently did with Albert K. Lu of The Power & Market Report.

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