New Audiobook: A Guide to the Present Moment by Noah Elkrief

I am pleased to announce the release of my newest audiobook: A Guide to The Present Moment: How to Stop Believing the Thoughts That Keep You From Feeling Free, Whole, and Happy by Noah Elkrief.

The book is a #1 best seller on Amazon in the personal development/self-help genre on Kindle. It focuses on the idea that thoughts underlie emotions that we don’t want to experience, such as sadness, fear, shame, guilt, anger, and feelings of unworthiness and incompleteness. By identifying the thoughts behind the emotions that cause our suffering, and then reasoning our way out of believing these thoughts through asking ourselves questions meant to provide a “reality check” about whether these thoughts are actually true, we can disbelieve the thoughts and stop suffering from the corresponding unpleasant emotions.

Noah’s book is a deep dive into the practice of identifying and disbelieving thoughts that cause suffering, and offers lots of exercises and questions to help readers do so in their own lives.

I got a lot of value from reading the book and I think it could be very helpful for someone who wants to get lasting relief from emotional pain, if they are willing to do some self-reflection and make use of the exercises and questions provided in the book.

There is an additional section at the end of the audiobook which is an “audio workbook” of questions to help listeners actively engage with the process of using the 5 Steps to the Present Moment that Noah outlines in the book.

More resources can be found on his website and YouTube channel.

For those who appreciate the soft, soothing quality of my voice, you will probably enjoy listening to this.

Listen to the audiobook sample here:

The audiobook is now available on! To get a copy for free with a new Audible membership, click here. Or, you can read a Kindle or physical version. Just click the book cover to see them all.

If you’d like me to narrate your next audiobook, please contact me!

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